Spring Garden

Not a lot of words to post. Between work and raindrops I have spent a few days in the garden. Here are some recent bloomers: Grape Hyacinth Bleeding Hearts A Perennial Alyssium The garden is changing quickly. Several shrubs are starting to blossom. I will show more in a couple of days.


Flash of Forsythia

Just a few weeks ago the Forsythia in my yard started to show the early buds. Today the flowers are almost gone.  But that's okay because the time on between was amazing! The flowers were brilliant; I liken it to a bright sunshiny day. Lynwood Gold Forsythia at peek color Here's a little bit about... Continue Reading →

Spring Blooms – Here and Gone

It's only the third week in April and already some of my favorite flowers are up and fading fast. Although I didn't plant them, Crocuses are the first flower that shows up in my yard - sometimes before the last snow falls. Their time has already past. I did manage to get a photo before... Continue Reading →

Spring Has Bloomed

Some gardeners look for Crocus to be a sign of Spring. But I have seen them bloom in snow. So you can imagine my excitement when after 2 days at work (12 hours on Friday and 10 hours on Saturday), I saw the first blossom on my daffodils. And it was a beautiful day. I... Continue Reading →

What’s that title mean?

I am a community pharmacist.  My workday puts me on my feet for 12 hours in a small room inside a large building.  There are no windows to the outside.  When I am not working, the things I like to do are so opposite of work.  I like spending time outside in my garden.  I... Continue Reading →