What’s that title mean?

I am a community pharmacist.  My workday puts me on my feet for 12 hours in a small room inside a large building.  There are no windows to the outside. 
When I am not working, the things I like to do are so opposite of work.  I like spending time outside in my garden.  I like to grow a variety of perennials.  In fact, my daffodils are just getting ready to bloom.

What fun would the flowers be if I couldn’t show them off. I love to take photos, blow them up or create note cards. And of course, then will be peppered throughout my posts.

Last week it rained. It allowed me to pursue another of my favorite past times. I made three batches of a family favorite treat – White Chocolate-Covered Puffcorn. I also made three batches of Peanut Brittle and another three batches of Chocolate Pretzel Bark. We go through a lot of sugar at my house.

Enjoying the fruits of our labor
Making Pretzel Bark with Keighan

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