Spring Blooms – Here and Gone

It’s only the third week in April and already some of my favorite flowers are up and fading fast.

Although I didn’t plant them, Crocuses are the first flower that shows up in my yard – sometimes before the last snow falls. Their time has already past. I did manage to get a photo before they were gone.

As you can see in my initial posts, my Daffodils came on strong. They are bright and cheery. Although we had a hard rain and strong wind they withstood the brunt of it. Unfortunately, they only last a month or so, then they too start to fade.

I love the beauty and scent of the Hyacinth. This should be the official flower of Easter. When grown in bunches it gives the garden a fullness of color unmatched by other Spring flowers. I like to cut some and take inside.

Just last week, my first Tulips began to bud. Some are now open and in full bloom.

Top: Crocus, Daffodil. Bottom: Hyacinth, Tulip

The rest of the garden is starting to green up. Even as I lament the passing of these early Spring flowers, I am excited about what comes next.


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