The Pat Garrett Band

  • The singer with a rich baritone voice started on Polygram Records, and achieved six nationally-charted Billboard singles. He has performed with legendary artists like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Porter Wagoner, and little Jimmy Dickens, to name a few.  Several of Pat’s songs have been cut by artists from genres as diverse as the UK’s popular punk rock group, Arctic Monkeys, (“Bad Woman”) to polka king Jimmy Sturr, and comedian Charlie Prose (“Suck It In”) to Grammy-award winning songwriter Hoyte Axton and Tommy Cash (“Old Timers).  When not touring with his five-piece group, The Pat Garrett Band, which includes Garrett on guitar and fiddle, Suzy Dalton on bass guitar, Mitch Wolfe on keyboards, Tom Vollmer on steel, and Dan Vollmer on drums, he divides his time between Nashville and Pennsylvania.
  • Contact – Pat Garrett P.O. Box 1 Strausstown, PA 19559 Call 610-488-1782  FAX 610-488-1576
  • Website – PatGarrett

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