Smokin’ Gunnz

  • With nearly 12 years in the bands history, and almost 3 years with it’s current line up, Smokin’ Gunnz has become one of the East Coast’s premiere Southern Rock tribute acts. Acclaimed for their ability to recreate the sound of some of Southern Rock’s most respected artists, the four members of Smokin’ Gunnz have road tested and honed their sound to a level of perfection that their growing legion of loyal fans have come to expect. Keeping with the grand tradition of the Great Southern Sound, all the while planting a foot firmly in the future, the Gunnz have begun to carve out their own place in the long, proud heritage of this unique genre of American Music with the addition of their much anticipated original recordings. Whether paying homage to the forefathers who blazed a trail before them or creating their own musical offerings, one listen to this group of seasoned professionals will tell you all you need to know about their dedication to their craft.
  • Booking information – South Sound Productions or Call – (717) 832-6154
  • E-Mail –
  • Website –

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