SHUCKS Reunion

SHUCKS Fans turn out for reunion concerts…

     It was a huge family reunion for over 1000 fans, friends and family of the members of SHUCKS – a band that had not  performed together for almost 6 years. The shows were held at the Clarion Hotel, Carlisle, PA, Rambler’s Ranch, Jim Thorpe, PA and the  American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA on April 16, 17, and 18, 1999.
shucks99“SHUCKS had no peer in the mid-80’s among country music.” states Harrisburg Patriot News’ Bob Ross in his April 11 article. CAT Country Radio’s music director, Dandelion,  referred to them as “PA’s Premier Country Band in Central PA for many years” as she narrated a pre-show video of photos, video clips and music from the bands 8 years of performances, road trips and 3 albums. As the video faded, Dandelion introduced the band, Terry Gehman began playing and Doc Randolf singing the “Tennessee Waltz”.

shucks reunion set listAnd, as the rest of the band took the stage, they stepped up the tempo – they received a standing ovation! The band performed 32 of their favorite songs – over two hours of non-stop entertainment. Although, Doc Randolf sang the lead for most songs, everyone in the band took their turn at singing. Allen Roth sang the George Strait tune “Ace in the Hole” which features Terry Gehman on sax.   Terry sings, too – his students would not recognized the usually very professional Mr. Gehman performing his rendition of Ray Stevens’ “The Streak“ and “Hello Margaret”.

A huge fan of Merle Haggard, Ray Cramer can sing nearly every song in the Hag’s repertoire- he performed “Honky Tonk Nighttime Man” and “Ramblin Fever”. Even drummer, Steve Cummings and fiddler, Randy Cramer took the lead – Steve singing “Above and Beyond” and Randy leading “Heartland”.   Other highlights included their performances of “Baton Rouge”, the Kenny Roger’s classic, “Lady” and crowd favorites “Orange Blossom Special” and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.

The show ended as SHUCKS shows had ended in the past – with the crowd standing holding hands and singing “God Bless the USA”.
There were lots of smiles and tears as the final show ended and everyone came to the realization that it was over – again. The number one question on everyone’s mind – is this the final performance for SHUCKS or is it a new beginning?

Long time fan, Millie Ney wrote:  “I realize it’s not easy to get them together as often as we would like. But we sure are looking forward to the next time. Terry never lost his great sense of humor and Doc his wonderful voice – and Steve is a great drummer; he puts his heart and soul into it. Now Allen looks the same with that mischievous look about him – just like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar; Ray hasn’t lost his touch on the steel guitar, nor Randy on the fiddle. Time passes by so quickly, but the memories never leave!”


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