Don Williams Songs

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    Don’s commitment to the songs never flags. “What it is, is simple: I want the best songs possible. I don’t look at songs as just singles or who the publisher is – I look at what it’s trying to say, how it feels. Then when they’re picked out, I want to treat them all the same. I want to make them as special as I can.” 

Come Early Morning
Bob McDill
Charted May 5, 1973
Peaked at #12

Too Late To Turn Back Now
Don Williams, Allen Reynolds

Endless Sleep
Jody Reynolds, Delores Nance

The Shelter of Your Eyes
Don Williams
Charted December 16, 1972
Peaked at #14
Don’s first top 20 song

I Recall a Gypsy Woman
Allen Reynolds, Bob McDill

No Use Running
Don Williams

How Much Time Does It Take
Don Williams

My Woman’s Love
Don Williams

Don’t You Believe
Don Williams
Don’s first solo single

Bob McDill
Charted July 28, 1973
Peaked #33
Later became a #1 for Waylon Jennings

Wish I Was In Nashville
Bob McDill

Your Sweet Love
Don Williams

She’s In Love With a Rodeo Man
Bob McDill

Atta Way to Go
Don Williams
Charted 11/17/73 Peaked at #13

We Should Be Together
Allen Reynolds
Charted 3/2/74 Peaked at #5 (1st top 10 single)

Loving You So Long Now
Allen Reynolds

Oh Misery
Don Williams

Miller’s Cave
Jack Clement

I Don’t Think About Her No More
Mickey Newbury

Down the Road I Go
Don Williams

I Wouldn’t Want to Live
Al Turney
Charted 7/6/74  Peaked at #1 (Don’s 1st Number 1)

Fly Away
Don Williams

Ghost Story
Joe Allen

Goodbye Isn’t Really Good At All
Don Williams

Such a Lovely Lady
Don Williams

The Ties That Bind
Vince Corso, Clyde Otis
Charted 12/14/74 Peaked at #4

When Will I Ever Learn
Jim Rushing, Wayland Holyfield

Why Lord Goodbye
Don Williams

I’ve Turned You to Stone
Jim Rushing

Lovin’ Understandin’ Man
Jim Rushing

You’re My Best Friend
Wayland Holyfield
Charted 4/12/75  Peaked at #1

Help Yourselves to Each Other
Bob McDill, Allen Reynolds

I Don’t Wanna Let Go
Jim Rushing

Sweet Fever
Bob McDill, D. Lee

Someone Like You
Bob McDill, D. Lee

Love Me Tonight
Bob McDill
Charted 8/16/75 Peaked at #1

Where Are You
Don Williams

Al Turney

You’re The Only One
Don Williams

Reason To Be
Don Williams

Till The Rivers All Run Dry
Wayland Holyfield, Don Williams
Charted 1/13/76  Peaked at #1

You Keep Coming ‘Round
Don Williams

Don’t You Think It’s Time
Don Williams

I Don’t Want the Money
Don Williams

Where the Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma
W. Holyfield

Say It Again
Bob McDill
Charted 6/12/76 Peaked at #1

Maybe I Just Don’t Know
Don Williams

Magic Carpet
L. Kingston, F. Dycos

M. Merchant

Ramblin’ (Instrumental)
Don Williams

She Never Knew Me
Bob McDill, Wayland Holyfield
Charted 10/16/76 Peaked at #2

Time on My Hands
Layng, Martine, Jr

I’ll Forgive But I’ll Never Forget
Don Williams

I’m Getting Good at Missing You
Wayland Holyfield

In the Mornin’
Don Williams

Missing You Missing Me
Don Williams, Allen Reynolds

Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
Wayland Holyfield
Charted 3/12/77  Peaked at #1

Fallin’ in Love Again
David Williamson

We Can Sing
Don Williams

I’ll Need Someone to Hold Me (When I Cry)
Bob McDill, Wayland Holyfield

Expert at Everything
J. Allen, D. Lay

Cup O’ Tea
H.S. White

I’m Just A Country Boy
Fred Hellerman, Marshall Barer
Charted 9/3/77  Peaked at #1

Louisiana Saturday Night
Bob McDill

Overlookin’ and Underthinkin’
Joe Allen, Don Williams, D. Lay

Sneakin’ Around
Bob McDill

Look Around You
Buck Lindsey, Bill Joor

I’ve Got A Winner In You
Don Williams, Wayland Holyfield
Charted 2/11/78  Peaked at #7

Rake and Ramblin’ Man
Bob McDill
Charted 7/1/78 Peaked at #3

Too Many Tears (To Make Love Strong)
Jim Rushing

It’s Gotta Be Magic
Don Williams

Falling In Love
Bob McDill, Wayland Holyfield

I Would Like To See You Again
Charlie Craig, Larry Atwood

You’ve Got a Hold On Me
David Williamson

Tears Of the Lonely
Wayland Holyfield

All I’m Missing is You
Wayland Holyfield

Tulsa Time
Danny Flowers
Charted 11/4/78 Peaked at #1

Lay Down Beside Me
Don Williams
Charted 3/17/79 Peaked at #3

Give It To Me
Bob McDill, Wayland Holyfield

Not A Chance
Don Williams

It Must Be Love
Bob McDill
Charted 8/4/79  Peaked at #1

When I’m With You
Don Williams

It Only Rains On Me
Bob McDill

We’ve Never Tried it With Each Other
Bob McDill

We’re All The Way
Don Williams

Circle Driveway
Joe Allen

You Get To Me
Don Williams

Steal My Heart Away
Wayland Holyfield

Love’s Endless War
Roger Cook

Woman You Should Be In Movies
Buddy Cannon

Love Me Over Again
Don Williams
Charted 12/8/79  Peaked at #1

Good Ole Boys Like Me
Bob McDill
Charted 3/29/80 Peaked at #2

Falling Again
Bob McDill
Charted 2/21/81  Peaked #6

It’s Good To See You
Alan Taylor

I Want You Back Again
Bob McDill

Simple Song
Bob McDill

I Believe In You
Roger Cook, Sam Hogin
Charted 8/23/80  Peaked at #1 (Country)
Charted 9/27/80  Peaked at #24 (Pop)

Ain’t It Amazing
Bob McDill

Just Enough Love (For One Woman)
Dave Kirby, Danny Morrison

I Keep Putting Off Getting Over You
Wayland Holyfield

Rain Nights and Memories
Wayland Holyfield, Jim Rushing

Slowly But Surely
Bob McDill

Fairweather Friends
Joe Allen, Johnny Cash

I Don’t Want To Love You
Bob McDill

Years From Now
Roger Cook, Charles Cochran

Lord, I Hope This Day is Good
Dave Hanner
Charted 11/21/81 Peaked at #1

Especially You
Rick Beresford

If I Needed You (Duet w/ Emmy Lou Harris)
Townes Van Zandt
Charted 9/19/81  Peaked at #3

Now and Then
Wayland Holyfield

Smooth Talking Baby
David Kirby, Red Lane

I’ve Got You to Thank For That
Blake Mevis, Don Pfimmer

Roger Cook
Charted 7/4/81  Peaked at #1

Listen To The Radio
Fred Knipe
Charted 4/17/82, Peaked at #3

If Hollywood Don’t Need You
Bob McDill
Charted 12/11/82, Peaked at #1

Don’t Stop Loving Me Now
Mark True, Charles Cochran, Sam Hogin

Only Love
Roger Cook, Sandy Mason, John Prine

Fool, Fool Heart
Jennifer Kimball

Richard Feldman

I Can’t Get To You From Here
Stephen Chandler, Frank Knipe

Standin’ In A Sea Of Teardrops
Bob McDill

If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
Allen Reynolds, Don Williams

Help Yourselves to Each Other
Bob McDill, Allen Reynolds

Stay Young
Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle

I’m Still Looking for You
Bob McDill

The Story of My Life
Hal David, Burt Bacharach

Wrong End of the Rainbow
Richard Leigh, Milton Blackford

Yellow Moon
Richard Spady Brannan

Love Is on a Roll
Roger Cook, John Prine
Charted 4/16/83, Peaked at #1

Pressure Makes Diamonds
Bob McDill, John Schweers

If Love Gets There Before I Do
Dickey Lee, Kerry Chater

I’ll Take your Love Anytime
Tommy Rocco, Charlie Black

Nobody But You
John Jarrard, JD Martin
Charted 7/30/83, Peaked at #2

The Only Game in Town
Ralph Murphy, Joe Allen

Walkin’ A Broken Heart
Alan Rush, Dennis Linde
Charted 1/5/85  Peaked at #2

Maggie’s Dream
Dave Loggins, Lisa Silver
Charted 9/1/84 Peaked at #11

That’s The Thing About Love
Richard Leigh, Gary Nicholson
Charted 5/19/84  Peaked at #1

Don Williams

Beautiful Woman
Graham Lyle, Frankie Miller

True Blue Hearts
Don Williams

I’ll Never Need Another You
Ronnie Rogers

It’s Time for Love
Bob McDill, Hunter Moore

I’ll Be Faithful to You
Paul Kennerly

Heartbeat In The Darkness
D. Loggins, R. Smith
Charted 5/31/86  Peaked at #1

I’ll Never Be in Love Again
B. Corbin

Shot Full Of Love

We Got Love

Send Her Roses

Hank DeVito, Danny Flowers

The Light In Your Eyes

It’s About Time

Then It’s Love
D. Linde
Charted 10/18/86, Peaked at #3

We’ve Got a Good Fire Going
Dave Loggins
Charted 1/18/86, Peaked at #33

Easy Touch

Lame From The Heart

Running Out Of Reasons To Run

Looking Back

‘Til I Can’t Take It Anymore

Another Place Another Time

Old Coyote Town

You Love Me Through It All

I Wouldn’t Be A Man
RM Bourke, M. Reid

What’s The Score
B Canon, R. Squires

We’ve Got A Good Fire Going
D. Loggins

J. O’Hara, K. Welch

She’s A Heart Full
B. McDill, P. Harrison

Another Place Another Time
B. McDill, P. Harrison

Then It’s Love
D. Linde

Learn To Let It Go
M. Reid, R. Bourke

One Good Well
K. Robbins, M. Reid

Cryin’ Eyes
D. Williams

I’ve Been Loved By The Best
B. McDill, P. Harrison
Charted 9/6/89, Peaked at #4

Broken Heartland
G. Nelson, P. Nelson

Just As Long As I Have You
D. Loggins, JD Martin
Charted 1/27/90, Peaked at #4

Why Get Up
B. Carter, R. Ellsworth

Maybe That’s All It Takes
B. Chapman

True Love
Pat Alger
Charted 1/19/91, Peaked at #4

Lord Have Mercy On Country Boy
Bob McDill

Darlin’ That’s What Your Love Does
Hugh Prestwood

Come A Little Closer
Bob McDill, Paul Harrison

Just ‘Cause I’m In Love With You
Jesse Winchester

Back In My Younger Days
Danny Flowers
Charted 9/15/90, Peaked at #2

Donald and June
Craig Bickhardt

Diamonds to Dust
Dan Fogelberg
Bonus  CD tract

Jamaica Farewell
Irving Burgie

Loving You’s Like Coming Home
Bob McDill

Only Water Shining in the Air
Hugh Prestwood

Too Much Love
Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway

That Song About the River
Charles Quarto, Steve Gillette

Catfish Bates
Alex Harvey

So Far, So Good
Dobie Gray,  Eddie Setser, Troy Seals

In the Family
Dobie Gray,  Eddie Setser, John Greenebaum

Standing Knee Deep in a River
Bob McDill, Dickey Lee, Bucky Jones

Lone Star State of Mind
Pat Alger, Gene Levine, Fred Koller

The Old Trail
Charles Quarto, Steve Gillette *Bonus Tract on CD only*

Its Who You Love
Charles Black, Kieran Kane, Rory Michael Bourke

John Davenport, Eddy Cooley
Single, Video

Crying in the Rain
Carole King, Howard Greenfield

Lay Down Sally
Eric Clapton, George Terry, Marcy Levy

My Rifle, My Pony, and Me
Dimtri Tiomkin, Paul Francis Webster

I’ll Be There If You Ever Want Me
Ray Price, Rusty Gabbard

Reason to Believe
Tim Hardin

Games People Play
Joe South

If You Could Read My Mind
Gordon Lightfoot

Peace Train
Cat Stevens

The Long Black Veil
Marijohn Wilkin, Danny Dill

The Letter
Wayne Carson

You’ve Got a Friend
Carole King

Frank LaVere, Cliff Parman, Lew Douglas

Shadow Land
Bob McDill

What Does It Matter to Me
Don Williams, Ken Blevins, Charles Cochran, Matt McKenzie, Mike Noble, Billy Sanford

Glass House
Don Williams, Ken Blevins, Charles Cochran, Matt McKenzie, Mike Noble, Billy Sanford

We Should Only Have Time for Love
Wayland Patton, Jim Rushing

I Need You to Want Me
Don Williams

This Side of The Sun
Gary Rex Tanner

Gulf Shore Line
Harley Allen, Mel Besher, Carson Chamberlain

Wash It All Away
Tim Williams

Which Way to Santa Fe
Don Williams, Charles Cochran, David Pomeroy

No Problem
(Don Schlitz, Billy Livsey

Leaving for the Flatlands
Don Williams

Silver Turns to Gold
Danny Flowers, Vince Santoro

Tim Williams, Don Williams

Take It Easy On Yourself
Bill LaBounty, Steve O’Brien

Her Perfect Memory
Doug Johnson, Pat Bunch

Graham Lyle, Tom McGuinness

Ride On
Doug Johnson

Something About You
Kevin Welch

Cracker Jack Diamond
Neil Thrasher, Ronny Scaife

From Now On
Don Schlitz, Gary Burr

Dave Hanner

A Handful of Dust
Tony Arata

Harry and Joe
Len Handler, AJ Gundell

How Did You Do It?
Dave Hanner, Bob Corbin

I Sing For Joy
Gary Burr, Don Williams, Doug Johnson

Pretty Little Baby Child Christmas Single
Sharon Vaughn, Bill Rice, John Barlow Jarvis

T’was the Night Before Christmas Christmas Single
Clement Clark Moore

Running In The Fast Lane
Don Williams

My Heart To You
Don Williams

One Like Me
Don Williams

The Rose
Amanda McBroom

When I Am With You
Don Williams

Get Away
Don Schlitz/Billy Linesay

Wonderful Tonight
Eric Clapton

I’ll Be Here In The Morning
Townes Van Zandt
Talk Is Cheap
Guy Clark, Chris Stapleton, Morgane Hayes
I Won’t Give Up On You
Britton Cameron, Jordyn Shellhart
Sing Me Back Home
Merle Haggard
Working Man’s Son
Bob Regan, Jim Collins
Healing Hands
Steve Gillette, Rex Benson
If I Were Free
Jesse Winchester
Stronger Back
Doug Gill
Back To The Simple Things
Mark Nesler, Jennifer Hanson, Marty Dodson
The Answer
Steve Warner, Tony Arata

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