We Are Nashville…

Two weeks ago, Nashville was hit with the worst flood in the past 500 years.  With over $1.6 billion in damages, we’ve lost lives, homes, businesses and some historic institutions of the Nashville music community.  We’ll be recovering and rebuilding for a long time.
NoiseTrade is part of the Nashville music community.  We all live here and many of the artists on our site are neighbors.  The flood has affected all of us to some extent and we all know people who have been severely impacted.
We’ve joined forces with our favorite Nashville radio station, Lightning 100, to put together a compilation of 19 songs by some of our favorite local artists.  This is a great intro to the Nashville music scene we love.  The music is free just like all the music on NoiseTrade.  But any donations for this album will support flood relief through The Community Foundation’s Tennessee Emergency Response Fund.
While we were putting this together, we learned that Paper Route and Joy Williams both recorded songs for the flood and are giving all their donations to Hands On Nashville.  Very cool…
So do yourself a favor and go download these songs and see why we love Nashville.
Be good to your friends and tell them about it on Twitter, Facebook and through email.
But most of all, make a donation and we’ll make sure it gets used to help Nashville recover.
Thanks for listening.
Brannon, David, Derek, Joe, Josh, Mark and Molly

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