Tim Mcgraw Fans

The 2 CD set of Tim’s Greatest Hits I and II is available in stores.  The cool thing is that it is priced at about the same price as a single CD.  I found my copy at Walmart for 11 dollars and change.   There’s lot’s of good music:

CD I contains

1. Indian Outlaw        
2. Don’t Take The Girl        
3. She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart      
4. I Like It, I Love It        
5. Just To See You Smile        
6. It’s Your Love (with Faith Hill)        
7. Where The Green Grass Grows        
8. For A Little While        
9. Please Remember Me        
10. Something Like That        
11. My Best Friend        
12. Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It        
13. Down On The Farm        
14. My Next Thirty Years        
15. Let’s Make Love (with Faith Hill)        

CD II contains:

1. Live Like You Were Dying        
2. My Old Friend        
3. Like We Never Love At All with Faith Hill        
4. The Cowboy In Me        
5. When The Stars Go Blue        
6. Real Good Man        
7. She’s My Kind Of Rain        
8. Grown Men Don’t Cry        
9. Not A Moment Too Soon        
10. Watch The Wind Blow By        
11. Over and Over featuring Nelly        
12. Everywhere        
13. Beautiful People        
14. Red Ragtop        
15. My Little Girl (from the motion picture “Flicka”)        
16. I’ve Got Friends That Do        

And in October, you go to http://www.timmcgraw.com, you can prebook his Greatest Hits Vol III.

This is not an ad for Tim or WalMart, just an observation.


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